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Baby Einstein Tummy-Time Traveler Sensory Prop Mat

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"Baby Einstein Tummy-Time Traveler Sensory Prop Mat Imagine if you could roll up a world of discovery. With the 3-in-1 Travel-pillar™ Tummy Mat, you can bring sensory play wherever you go.

When laid flat, the plush mat creates a comfortable space for your baby to wiggle, kick and explore. The playful caterpillar companion contains a multi-sensory surprise on each segment of its colourful body.

When your baby needs a boost, the prop pillow makes tummy time a more comfortable experience as your little one flexes his developing muscles.

When you are ready to go, simply roll up the mat, attach the prop pillow with easy-clasp straps, and you’re ready to take the adventure anywhere.

Recommended for ages 0+ Months

Product Dimensions: 610 x 851 x 127mm"