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Huggies ULTRA DRY Nappy-Pants

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- A great fit for all your baby's adventures. Huggies®Nappy-Pants offer a soft, comfortable fit for your wriggly baby.

- Perfect for a quick change & Easy on - slides on your baby like pants for a quick nappy change.

-  360° Waistband  & Soft and stretchy waistband for comfortable and secure fit.

-  Up to 12 hours protection  ,  All the absorbency of a nappy so they are perfect for both day and night.

-  Easy removal and disposal & Easy tear open side panels and disposable tape for rolling up and disposing pant.

-  Gender Specific With targeted absorbency in the front for boys and in the middle for girls, these Nappy-Pants give your baby comfortable protection.

- Speed dry layer -  quickly absorbs moisture away leaving baby drier.