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HLEEDUO Mobile Motor Baby Music Box Spinner

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 With the HLEEDUO Mobile Motor Baby Music Box Spinner, you can create your musical mobile!

It has 35 built-in children's tunes and a Micro SD slot if you prefer your selection, it will give you hours of continuous looping children's tunes.  The music box features a hook to hang your favorite toys which rotates as the music plays. Arm not included.  


- Four buttons:  

  1. ON/OFF
  2. M button: start loop mode, push once for the next track
  3. Voice “-”: push to lower the volume (3 volume levels - high/medium/low)
  4. Voice"+":  push to increase the volume (3 volume levels - high/medium/low)

- Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)

- Supports Micro SD card to play your music (MP3, WAV and WMV formats only) (card not included)

- Fits most baby mobile arms, please see measurements of the loop and hook on the last photo.  

- Size: approx. 13.5cm*9cm*3.5cm