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Jolly Jumper 2 in 1 Head Hugger

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2 in 1 head hugger: Larger support for infants and a smaller insert for newborns.

This safety support can be used in a car seat, pram, stroller, bouncer or swing --- and is made of soft, machine-washable terry cloth.

The safety support pillow protects the baby's head from bumping against surfaces, reduces the size of the car seat, supports the head, and allows a snug comfortable fit for infants.

The hugger also provides the following benefits:

Gives baby comfort while lounging.

Gives newborn the security of a smaller area while resting in a large crib.

Protects head while keeping baby in upright position.

Other features:

Easy on/off Velcro

Machine washable

Can be used in car seats and prams