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Milkbar Advanced Flow Single Electric Breast Pump - Hospital Grade

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A good breast pump could be one of the best investments you make as a new mother - but how can you be confident you’re making the right choice?

At times like this, there’s no better way to trust that something really works than to hear from real mothers who have shared their own experiences

Which is why we want to let them do the talking!

While we can tell you that the Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pump really is revolutionary, the reviews truly do speak for themselves.

The incredible feedback that you’ll read below is from real Milkbar Mums - girlfriends, sisters, colleagues, just like you - who have discovered the amazing difference that a Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pump has had in their experience of expressing breast milk.

"Absolutely love this pump. Expressing twice the amount of milk then before,"

~ Reshmi, Verified Customer